Steph Curry Newest Under Armour Curry 5 Basketball Shoes

Before the 2017-18 season finals, Under Armour Curry 5 arrived. The design of Under Armour Curry 5 broke through the imagination once again, even a bit of mystery, but when it all appeared on Curry’s signature shoe, it was reasonable. In these five seasons, Curry’s three pointers completely changed the league’s game style and led to a new wave. More and more players because Curry increased the number of three-point shots, but even so, in the past five seasons, Curry’s three-point shots and hits is still the league’s first.
Under Armour Curry Shoes design is also quite special, such as the texture of the upper, such as the front of the crystal round the front and the square area, such as the all-white temptation of the knitted upper, this visual impact is very special . With regard to these first-combination colors, Under Armour Curry 5 will surely have more people looking for color matching. The Under Armour Curry 5 upper design gives the impression of a digital world.
Steph Curry UA Curry 5 has made more targeted changes to Curry’s game style, and the performance of shoes has also reached new heights. The overall weight of Under Armour Curry 5 has also become even lighter. The ultra-light weight of 334.5 grams makes this pair of shoes more flexible. Everything is designed to make Curry faster and more accurate. A new generation of signature shoes directly using low shoes type, knitted uppers and socks to the design of the body can be extended, equipped with a metallic luster in the end and the crystal outsole, you can see the outsoles exposed in the circumference of the color matching theme, meaning that hope Curry can break the rules on the court, realize it is impossible, how specific combat performance, we can look forward to!

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