305381-107 Air Jordan 8 “Kobe” White/Multi Online

Experienced the Air Jordan 7 small mistakes, New Jordans 2017 generation design more time to consider how to technology and pragmatism really combined. Air Jordan 8 did not draw any design from the specific inspiration, if you must say what inspiration, then Tinker once said that this pair of shoes inspired by some Baroque art, which is a focus on detail, quality, The feeling of decoration. The practicality of science and technology in this pair of shoes on the embodiment is also extremely obvious. The first modified is the upper, Air Jordan 8 is the Jordan series of all shoes in the best ankle protection, the height and thickness of the record, until 13 years later was almost 21 generations to break; cross the tie with the upper Tightly wrapped in the foot, and the first use of the Velcro to bond the strap and the upper; the outsole is no longer a plane, part of the arch to learn the hollow design of running shoes, so that the weight of shoes, When the outsole and the role of the ground is more scientific.
Technology,2017 Air Jordan Shoes is independent of the band, before and after the palm of the separation of Air Sole (high help low to help the same configuration), within the boots Huarache technology, shoes and the back of the bottom of the baroque style art graffiti, towel tongue is also Air Jordan 8 unique Elements, upper full of memory sponge and a small oval sponge to ensure the safety of the ankle, the bottom of the reference runner design inspiration, to take the hollow design, reduce the overall weight. Nike in February 1993 launched the 8th generation of Jordan embodies the focus on science and technology design ideas. Jordan 8 on behalf of the shape made a major breakthrough, the most prominent is the cross of the shoe face design, to strengthen the stability of the upper. In the end of the absorption of running shoes design ideas, a substantial reduction in the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoes, tongue with a towel material plus flying sign. Followed by the side and soles of the middle of the abstract picture for the Jordan 8 generations to add the artistic color.
Kyrie 3 For Sale generations both a fit and support, it is a crossed shoelace fixed system, with AirHuarache elastic insole wrapped feet, showing unprecedented adaptability. In the outsole configuration will be left and right to separate, boldly hollowed out the central part, so that it reached the goal of lightweight.And before the re-engraved is not a big difference, only in the material and the upper texture and other details of some access. Classic double strap design, people on the actual combat of this shoe eager. Wearing: the bottom of the configuration has not changed, is still Air Sole air cushion placed in the end of the material, and then put a layer of thick cardboard (early Air Jordan part of the shoes with this design). Full palm boots and double strap design so that the shoes of the package is extremely perfect, tighten the shoelaces, straps can feel after the feet were tightly wrapped.

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